Mobile OCS


Mobile OCS is a platform for building simple, powerful mobile web apps.  The system is designed for non-programmers with basic computer skills.  Explore below to learn more.

Desktop Site

Mobile OCS: Brochure


Mobile business brochure

  • Most flexible template, applicable to a number of uses
  • Designed to be the mobile equivalent of a printed brochure or information pack
  • User-defined sections and levels
  • Can act as a mobile website
This app uses the brochure template.

Mobile OCS: App Templates

We currently offer four templates focused on specific applications - directories, schedules, menus or catalogs, and brochures such as this one.

Mobile OCS: Directory


Mobile contact information

  • Searchable list of names, departments, or organizations
  • Will dial phone numbers, send e-mails and map addresses on most mobile devices
  • Can be a single simple list, or organized into groups such as departments or companies

Mobile OCS: The Mobile OCS Story

The Mobile OCS Story

The big idea, and how we're different

At the start of 2012, I built a simple directory app for the Rotary Club of Dr. Phillips. Although it is a very simple web-based app, it received a great response and has proven tremendously useful.
It occurred to me that many businesses and organizations would see the value in similar information-sharing mobile apps. But, building them one-by-one would be expensive for my clients and leave them reliant on me for updates.
So, I developed an automated system that allows non-programmers to create and manage these apps via a web interface. Online Computer Stuff, LLC will begin offering these apps on a subscription basis in early 2013. 

Mobile OCS: Schedule


Schedule for one-time or recurring events

  • Flexible date format - can be for a specific event or ongoing
  • Cross-references schedule items by category
  • Includes pages for general information, location, and special offers

Mobile OCS: Control Panel

Control Panel

Easy access to create and update apps

  • Our simple Control Panel is used to create and edit apps
  • Designed to be accessible to anyone with basic computer skills
  • Simple tab-based interface organizes all the information for apps
  • “Side-by-side” guidance explains the use of each setting
  • Content such as menu items, schedule events, and directory listings can be uploaded using a spreadsheet
  • “Promote” tab provides the key info for sharing apps in-person and online

Mobile OCS: Features


All apps share some key features

Cross-platform Compatibility: The same app will run on Apple, Android, Blackberry, and Windows mobile devices. They will also work on most desktop browsers as well.

Privacy Option:  All app templates can be made private, with the option of conventional username and password logins, or access via a simple password.

Apple "Home Screen" Ready: Apps can be added to the home screen run fullscreen on iOS devices. All templates include an automatic notice for Apple users to show them how.

Mobile Image Optimization: Automatic mobile-sizing of uploaded images for home page and app icons. Automatic thumbnails for item images.
Map Linking: Address info is linked to Google maps - clicking will display locations on a map with most mobile devices.

Social Media Links: Branded buttons for links to the main social media sites.

Themes and Page Transitions: Choose the animation style and basic appearance from a simple menu. Advanced customization is also possible.

Google Analytics: Track use of the apps by simply entering a GA tracking code.